RLHOA Covenants & Rules

The Covenants are designed to ensure that our community maintains its high standards of design and aesthetic appearance and, in turn, ensures the highest property evaluation for our investment.  Read the complete document above on this page for more detail. If in doubt, contact a Board member. Here are some general covenant rules for current homeowners to keep in mind:

RLHOA Covenants

Royal Links Homeowners Association legal Covenants document for all homeowners (PDF document) of 2004 and 2005.

First Amendment to the Protective Covenants Relating to the Royal Links Subdivision and all Additions. 17 September 2021 (PDF Document)

RLHOA Plot Map


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Bloomington Department of Planning & Code Enforcement

View the complete building code and property ordinance information from the City of Bloomington

The homeowners in Royal Links care about their lawns and upkeep. Kris

  1. Property
    1. Fences, gazebos, and additions need the Architectural Committee approval prior to construction.
    2. Maintain your lawn and overall yard appearance.  View the City of Bloomington mowing ordinance.
    3. Outdoor equipment should be screened from your neighbor.
    4. No above ground swimming pools, outbuildings, clotheslines or poles permitted.
    5. Campers, boats, RV and similar vehicles cannot be stored on your property except within enclosed garages.
    6. Basketball Hoops – not allowed in front or corner side yard and portable goals to be stored inside when not in use.
    7. Keep dogs from running loose outside of your property.

  2. Garbage and Trash (full details on city trash and recycle on the City Links page)
    1. Garbage and recycle bins to be stored inside of garages until 5 pm night before collection.
    2. No burning of trash.
    3. Trash Pick Up – Monday mornings.
    4. Recycle Pick Up – Every other Monday.

  3. The Lake
    1. The lake is intended to be an amenity solely for the enjoyment of the lots abutting the lake.
    2. Please refrain from throwing edging rocks in the lake.
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